Pilates is a unique system of stretching and strengthening exercises, designed to develop the core, waist and back muscles and help to prevent injury.

 Pilates is a very effective form of exercise aimed at restoring balance to the body, easing movement, improving posture and helping with our overall sense of wellbeing.

 A wide range and interesting series of moves are specifically designed to improve strength and mobility and, at the same time, produce an intense and highly beneficial workout.

 Pilates is suitable for everyone, regardless of age, gender and fitness level. It develops breathing control, stability of the body, flexibility and muscle strength. It also helps to reduce the strains of everyday life.

 Not only that….…you will look and feel fantastic !     


                                                                                     NEXT  8  WEEK  BLOCK  OF CLASSES

 CLASSES  - Weeks   beginning

1.  29/10/18      2.    05/11/18    3.  12/11/18      4.  19/11/18      5.  26/11/18      6.  03/12/18       7.  10/12/18     8.  17/12/18

 NO  CLASSES    WEEKS   BEGINNING   24 December and 31 December

Next Block starts  07 January 2019

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